I have a rather diverse palette of skills and it's made me a versatile asset to be attached to projects. With multiple years of experience in Graphic Design, UI Design, Social and Digital Ads, Video Production, 3D Animation, and superior skills in compositing and digital effects. I've worked on-location to film, rig audio and light sets, along with a history of working in studio’s for photography and video productions.

Like most designers, I have an itch for creative designs and problem solving interesting design concepts. You can usually find me looking for new ways to express content in fresh, new ways.


A lot can be said about how I got here. But it all starts with my eldest brother, a graphic designer himself- giving me a nudge at the right time in my life. I started working with 3Ds Max animation software in my early teens and began dabbling with all the associated production software along the way. While I didn't understand the complexity of it at first- I had an unending urge to chip away at what I didn't understand until I understood it from all angles. From this sense, there has been a very organic and hands on relation with digital effects. It was real world discoveries and failures, lots of failures.

But that has made me a better person and taught me how to be patient. As time passed I started to dabble in photography, particularly because social media was starting to explode, but also because it was another asset in my designer tool box. Working with photos helped create better textures for my 3D models and helped push me to the next logical step: compositing the footage I was creating. When I discovered After Effects I was blown away by the things possible. After getting a career in Graphic Design I began to expand my digital skills to include experience in illustrations, UI designs, social media and digital ads. Along with a slew of other skills such as vehicle wraps and window graphics which I picked up from my time actually creating signage for many of the designs I worked on!

I've had the opportunity to meet some truly wonderful people both inside and outside of work, they've inspired me to go further or dig a little deeper when I felt like giving up. The past few years alone has been very important time for me and has expanded my experience ten fold. I've had an immense amount of time to work closely with remarkable professionals, as it gave me an opportunity to grow in different ways.